iM Tool Integrations

In our experience, nearly all AI development efforts, be they at large enterprises or new startups, begin by spending the first 3-6 months building their first ML pipelines from available tools. These custom integrations are time consuming and expensive to produce, can be fragile and frequently require drastic changes as project requirements evolve.  Frequently, these custom ML pipelines only support a small set of built-in algorithms or a single ML library and are tied to each company’s existing infrastructure. Users cannot easily leverage new ML libraries, or share their work with a wider community.

iMHPC powered by Neuro, facilitates adoption of robust, adaptable Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) by simplifying resource orchestration, automation and instrumentation at all steps of ML system construction, including integration, testing, deployment, monitoring and infrastructure management.

To maintain agility and avoid the pitfalls of technical debt, Neuro allows for the seamless connection of an ever-expanding universe of ML tools into your workflow.

We cover the entire ML lifecycle from Data Collection to Testing and Interpretation. All resources, processes and permissions are managed through our iM HPC platform and can be installed and run on our high-performance compute infrastructure (iM Call us now to engage with our MLOPS expert consultants.

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