HPC to 100kW / Rack & Beyond

HPC to 100kW / Rack & Beyond

Our cooling systems combine rear door heat exchangers with best-of-breed modular chiller plants

HPC to 100kW / Rack & Beyond

Accelerated HPC Options

Direct-to-chip liquid cooling from 75 to 150kW / rack enables smaller footprints & better efficiencies for supercomputing requirements

iM’s HPC Data Centers

  • PUE-driven, sustainable engineering for super energy-efficiencies
  • Single or multi-module assemblies with fully-integrated mission critical systems
  • Super-Fast delivery, simplified site work development concurrent w/ manufacturing
  • Pre-Engineering eliminates majority of design & engineering processes
  • Manufactured in the US at iM’s factory, factory-commissioned
  • Factory-built quality control impossible to replicate at jobsites
  • Reduced waste & consistent green materials usage w/ modular methodologies
  • Post-commissioning support, with guaranteed response times
  • Lower TCO, reduced power consumption & break/fix expense
  • Side-by-Side connected pods to create open, contiguous datacenter space
  • Multiple power architecture options at N, N+1 & 2N
  • Shipped as fully-assembled components requiring minimal construction work at the site
  • ‘Concurrently Expandable’ (zero downtime) after initial installation
  • Category 5 hurricane proof, tailored for all climates and conditions

HPC data center deployments involve a detailed collaboration between iM and the Customer, applying design and engineering methodologies to match schedule and phasing requirements, with comprehensive knowledge of anticipated uses taken into consideration.

Intelligent Precision

iM provides turn-key solutions for enterprise-level single-user data centers and multi-tenant colocation facilities. All aspects of site selection, design, engineering, manufacturing. construction, installation and commissioning are available on a flexible basis, intelligently tailored to our Customers’ mission-critical needs. Our background creating and operating data centers for twenty-five years paved the way for a complete understanding of every step involved in this process, and we also offer comprehensive migration management and training to insure the smooth a delivery, commissioning and move-in process.

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