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Transform your High-Performance Computing with IM HPC.

iM HPC is a new reconfigurable & reprogrammable performance-based solution enabling access to high-performance AI computing resources on-demand.

iM’s HPC-as-a-Service innovation matches deep knowledge of accelerator chip technology along with new HPC architectures for faster performance & lower energy consumption.  Log on to pre-validated, industry-specific, ready-to-go workstations with a press of the button!

No more IT Ops specialist needed just to set up AI/ML work environments and No more worry about the next driver or OS update.

iM provides White Glove custom solutions and support that Large Cloud factories cannot.  Users love our solution because “Everything Just Works”.


Key Solutions


Learn about the history of AI and how it is changing business and research for the future.



We cover the entire ML lifecycle from system construction, including integration, testing, deployment, monitoring and infrastructure management.


Learn about using the iMHPC architecture for LLMs & Generative AI [ChatGPT, BARD, LLaMA, Dolly, etc.]



A Validated, re-targetable software and hardware framework for High Performance Computing.



Our Key Features


Human Service for Artificial Intelligence

Our team of chip-level and data scientist experts is available to help you optimize your HPC workloads and achieve the best possible performance.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Easy-to-Use Platform

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage your HPC workloads and access the resources you need.


Supercomputing Performance, Lower Energy Consumption

Our new reconfigurable HPC clusters provide faster performance while reducing your carbon footprint.


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